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Winter Scooter Riding

We wrote an article on putting away your scooter for the winter…but what if you ride through the winter?
This post has some interesting insights:

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Scooter Pollution vs. Car Pollution – The Big Picture

“Scooter Pollute More than Cars” – This statement is often cited and repeated but is completely erroneous. This article explains why.

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Vancouver Island Safety Council – Rider Training for Motorcycle and Scooter Riders – Part 2

Scooter and Motorcycle Rider Training is essential. This post covers one rider’s experience with the excellent Vancouver Island Safety Council Training.

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Winterizing Your Scooter

Some people ride their scooter for the winter but many other scooter riders are fair weather riders. If you are going to store your scooter for extended periods, here are some tips for storage and winterization

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eZee Bike Electric Bicycles – Ride a Winner!

eZee bike electric bicycles are one of those products  that stand out in a crowded market. When Scooter Underground was looking for a quality line of electric bicycles, the search was exhaustive. There are hundreds of brands of electric bikes, most of them from China, most of them junk.
However, one name stood out during our research — eZeebike. All around the world, wherever electric bikes were being put to the test or entered into competitions, eZeebike consistently ranked at at the top of the heap.
eZee managed to assemble a product …